The given agreement between the ship owner or his representative and Alhoutyam exists with the purpose of maintenance of GMDSS equipment on the vessel specified in the agreement in an effective working condition and conformity of the vessel to requirements of Convention SOLAS 1974 (Amendments of 1988), Chapter IV, Regulation 15 and Resolutions A702 [17] III in relation to GMDSS Shore-Base Maintenance Service system.

According to this agreement, Alhoutyam undertakes to provide the ship owner the following types of support:

  •   Round-the-clock consultation with a qualified engineer on any problems arising in the functioning of the radio-electronic equipment of a vessel at sea;
  •   Delivery of spare parts of GMDSS electronic equipment as necessary for repair by the crew in any port as agreed with the ship owner;
  •   Organization of the visit by a qualified engineer for repair of GMDSS electronic equipment in any port as agreed with the ship owner;
  •   Support for the given vessel’s database containing information necessary for the ship owner’s management of equipment installed on the vessel;
  •   Informing the ship owner in due time of all changes in international and national rules concerning GMDSS Radio & Navigation equipment;
  •   Informing the ship owner of opportunities to upgrade GMDSS radio-navigation equipment installed onboard a vessel (for example, the existence and advantages of new versions of software).


The ship owner should notify Alhoutyam immediately upon observing any defect of equipment, and come to an agreement with Alhoutyam regarding maintenance service and/or repair of the defective component or malfunction.

The order for repair should be in written form only.  It must contain at least the following information:

  •   The name of the vessel
  •   The name of the equipment manufacturer and model, including (if available) version and serial number of relevant software
  •   A brief description of the malfunction
  •   Results of the built-in checking mode (self-test) if available
  •   Estimates of required spare parts
  •   ETA/ETD on the nearest and following port of call
  •   Full address of the ship agent in the port of call


The given agreement covers a period of one year. The ship owner should pay Alhoutyam an annual payment. The amount shall be dependent on the GMDSS Area within the limits of which the vessel is maintained.