Alhoutyam, operating since 1951, provides comprehensive, 24/7 professional consulting, installation and repair service of marine electronics, hull and machinery in all Israeli ports.

The company specializes in navigation, communication, automation systems, mechanical and steel repair for merchant and military fleets, shipyards and terminals. As marine technology develops, Alhoutyam invests in training of its team. Years of experience and expert professionals are at the disposal of vessel owners, management companies, shipyards and terminals – ensuring minimal downtime and lower maintenance costs. Alhoutyam is certified by top maritime institutes and leading equipment manufacturers – ensuring full compliance with international regulations and guidelines.

Our advantage of professionalism, knowledge compliance with standards, availability and reputation are manifested in the shared set of values, defining how we aim to work with our customers, our service suppliers and within our own organization:

  •       Ensure that the customer comes first in everything we do
  •       Build a foundation of mutual trust and integrity in all business interactions
  •       Strive to exceed customer expectations, delivering results on time and right the first time
  •       Provide high value for money through quality work and maintenance of vessel safety
  •       Have an agile approach to the customer’s changing needs